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best credit card for fair credit

That's a big reason why the term "fair credit" is often used to describe scores in the middle ground between bad and good. What makes this card valuable is that it's available to business operators with fair credit (a FICO score between 630-689), who don't have a lot of options in business credit cards and it has no annual fee. Or you can plan to request a product change from your issuer on your own eventually. So you could turn $50 cash back into $100. What one issuer might see as a score on the low end of the fair credit range, another might consider bad credit. That is the low end of a range from 17.49% to 31.49% (V), however, so it might be optimistic to assume youll get a rate that low. The prequalification process allows you to check your offer without any effect on your credit score. Credit mix. Find & compare credit cards from Mastercard that offer a higher chance of approval for people with average credit. Although the name is a mouthful, this card is an excellent option for people with fair credit. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are the three major bureaus that compile the credit reports that inform your credit scores. is a worthy contender for your wallet as you continue building credit. All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty. As of this writing, the card is unavailable to residents of Iowa, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. (Unlike with Discover's other student card, you don't have to "activate" your bonus rewards.) Why We Like It:This card is inexpensive to own and rewarding to use. Read review. We did not select any cards with especially low regular APRs because we recommend paying your monthly credit card bills in full when you have fair credit. You increase your odds of approval when you apply for a card. Earn 1.5% unlimited cash back on card purchases every time you make a payment. No touch payments with contactless technology built in. The card is well-suited to travel with no foreign transaction fees and the globally accepted Visa network. Youll be reviewed for regular credit line increases. doesn't offer rewards, as several other cards in the fair-credit category do, but for those looking to strengthen their credit, it's a simple, solid. But you can achieve that effect with a collection of cards that each excel in a particular area. Best for entry-level fair credit Mission Lane Visa Credit Card Apply now On Mission Lane's secure site Add to compare 3.4 Bankrate review Rewards Rate N/A Intro offer N/A Annual fee $0 -. If you find discrepancies with your credit score or information from your credit report, please contact TransUnion directly. And unlike many of those cards, any unpaid balance is automatically converted into an installment loan with a fixed monthly payment. Unlike other sites that only promote cards they're paid by, WalletHub's editors focus on finding the best cards. If your credit score is in the average or fair range of 580 to 669, these credit cards are among the best and some even offer rewards and benefits. Depending on which offer you qualify for, you could get as much as 1.5% cash back on purchases. The Petal 2 Visa Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for people with fair credit, or even limited credit. Doing so also avoids costly late fees. But if you've got fair credit and you need a card you can use to build credit without paying an annual fee, it's definitely worth a look. Capital One Platinum Credit Card. Theres also no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee. According toWalletHubs credit card experts, the best credit cards for fair credit usually have $0 annual fees and give at least 1% back in rewards. The second-largest factor in your scores. This content is not provided or commissioned by any issuer. Youll also usually keep the same account, often with the same card number, so theres no loss of credit history length. That's not an issue if you pay in full every month, but look elsewhere if you expect to carry debt from month to month. Why We Like It:There is no credit check when you apply, so a rocky credit history wont prevent you from getting approved. Youll want pay your bill in full each month to avoid paying interest, which can get expensive and will eat into any rewards your card might earn. Six months is a good rule of thumb. There are no rewards. Just hover your card over a contactless reader, wait for the confirmation, and you're all set. Use this link to create an account and connect your credit score with TransUnion to get an estimate of your approval odds based on your credit score and other factors. You may also qualify for better terms with a traditional personal loan, depending on your financial situation. If you feel you have a case, you can contact the issuer and. Disclaimer: NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. It also earns up to 10% cash back when you use the card to make purchases with select merchants. Please keep in mind that while some offers may come from WalletHub advertising partners, sponsorship status played no role in card selection. What to avoid with credit cards for fair credit. Capital One . What is the average credit score in the U.S.? The best business credit card for fair credit is Capital One Spark Classic for Business because it has a $0 annual fee and gives 1% cash back on all purchases. You don't have to be a student to apply for the. So whereas someone with excellent credit might receive a credit . And the card doesn't charge foreign transaction fees. The average person with fair credit is 47 years old and has an annual income of $54,000 per year. WalletHub makes it easy to find the best credit cards for fair credit. At that point, youll probably have a good sense of why you were rejected. The card issuer reports details about your account to the major. To help you find the best deal, WalletHubs editors compared all of the credit cards for fair credit in our database of 1,500+ credit card offers. The best credit cards for fair credit are ones that you may qualify for with a FICO score of 580 to 689. Even though its promotional interest rate is . Comparing credit cards for fair credit can be tough. If possible, pay off your balance in full each month. The scoring formula takes into account the type of card being reviewed (such as cash back, travel or balance transfer) and the card's rates, fees, rewards and other features. Who Should Get It:Consider applying for the Capital One SavorOne Student Cash Rewards Credit Card if youre a college student with limited to fair credit whose spending habits match up well with the cards rewards. Instead, get a rewards card for everyday expenses that you can pay in full within a billing period, a card offering 0% on purchases for big-ticket spending or a 0% balance transfer card for reducing the cost of existing debt. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card BEST OVERALL RATING 4.5 OVERALL RATING 4.5/5.0 Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day It's important to note that definitions of credit score ranges can differ from one card issuer to the next. Journey Student Rewards from Capital One. The Petal 2 Visa Credit Card, issued by WebBank, is the best high-limit credit card for individuals with average, fair, or limited credit -- typically a credit score between 580 and 669. Still not sure which credit card is best for building credit? Read our review. Fair 600-699. See if you're approved in seconds Be automatically considered for a higher credit line in as little as 6 months Help build your credit through responsible use of a card like this See if you're pre-approved within minutes without impacting your credit score. Instead, it assesses your creditworthiness based on your income, expenses, savings and debts. What's the minimum credit score needed for Discover cards? (For example, if you have a $500 credit limit and a $200 balance, then your credit utilization is 40%.) Making only the minimum payment keeps you in debt longer and could ultimately drag down your credit scores. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases: 23.49% - 34.49% variable based on Prime Rate. The easiest credit cards to get approved for with no credit or bad credit are secured credit cards. The card also lets you see what terms you'd qualify for before officially applying. With a product change, youre not applying for a new account; youre seeking an upgrade to the one youve already got. It earns 1.5% back in the form of Bitcoin when you pay your bill. Why We Like It:QuicksilverOne offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases nearly 50% more than the average cash rewards card provides. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club: Get a . Furthermore, fair credit is far from a life sentence. The lower your utilization, the better; 30% or below is a good benchmark. Try not to carry a balance: Interest rates on credit cards for average credit tend to be on the high side. Some may have slightly lower standards, for example, starting the fair credit range as 620 and ending it at 659. The Petal 2 Card also offers 1 - 1.5% cash back. 11 things you should know before getting your first credit card, How to choose a credit card for fair credit. Credit Score Requirements: Poor 500-599. If youre a few days late, youll likely owe a late fee. We encourage everyone to share their knowledge while respecting our content guidelines. Terms and conditions apply. Its always a good idea to shop around before picking out an unsecured credit card for fair credit. You earn cash back on every purchase, but when you pay your bill on time, the cash-back rate for that month gets a boost. Why this is one of the best credit cards for fair credit: When you pay this card on time, you can boost your cash back earnings. $39. The issuer automatically reviews your account for potential credit line increases. This information may be different than what you see when you visit a financial institution, service provider or specific products site. Compare these deals from our partners to find one that fits your needs. What We Dont Like:Youll have to pay the bill in full every month, which limits the cards value for some business owners. And if you're approved, you can begin using your credit line immediately no need to wait for the physical card. Carrying a balance from month to month wont be cheap, either. Its lighter on the fees than some unsecured credit cards for less-than-perfect credit and it offers rewards. The second-largest factor in your scores, credit utilization is the amount you owe as a percentage of your available credit. Do any issuers have a particularly good/bad reputation for offering decent fair-credit credit cards. 2. The Capital One Platinum Credit Cardis the best credit card for fair credit overall. You also get a free FICO score, low fees, and forgiveness for your first late payment. The overall goal in comparing credit card offers for fair credit is to find the card that will maximize your savings, and WalletHub's selections were made with that in mind. (The card also earns 5% back on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel. Upgrade Credit Card is probably your best option overall because of its high cash back rate and no fees. Credit scoring formulas tend to reward people who show that they can handle different kinds of credit. It's free for everyone, Check out quickly and securely with a contactless card, without touching a terminal or handing your card to a cashier. The terms "fair credit" and "average credit" are used more or less interchangeably within the credit cards industry to describe scores in the middle ground between good credit and bad credit. Finally, if you want to make things really easy, just sign up for a free WalletHub account. Our pick for: Rewards for college students. You want your scores to go up, not down. (The card also earns 5% back on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel. The best travel cards for fair credit, according to a YouTuber who's been to 20 countries and has 20 credit cards Select looks at what travel credit cards are available to people with. With a product change, youre not applying for a new account; youre seeking an upgrade to the one youve already got. When you apply for new credit, it's not uncommon to see your scores dip, at least temporarily. Rewards: Rewards arent necessarily a must for credit cards for fair credit, but they are within reach at this range. (The typical credit score scale runs from 300 at the low end to a maximum of 850.). In fact, only 40 credit-score points separates the two tiers (fair credit means a credit score of 620 to 659, while good credit is 660 to 719). The Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for people with fair credit who plan to charge a fair amount to their new card. Approval Odds are not meant to imply or guarantee that you will be approved by the lender or that credit will be extended. The Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for people with fair credit who plan to charge a fair amount to their new card. Cardholders earn 1% back until they pay the accounts bill on time for six consecutive months, which boosts the earn rate to 1.25% cash back. Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards Credit Card (5) Apply Now on Capital One's secure site Rewards Rate 1.5% Cash Back on every purchase, every day; 5% Cash Back on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel (terms apply) This card for people with fair or "average" credit pays the same cash-back rate as the regular Quicksilver card, which targets people with excellent credit. If you're looking to beef up your credit, it's a decent place to start. One of the best low interest credit cards for fair credit is the Petal 2 Visa Credit Card because it is possible to get an interest rate of 17.49% (V), depending on your overall creditworthiness. By clicking "Accept All", you consent to our use of cookies. It works like a combination of a credit card and a personal loan, allowing you to make purchases and then pay down your balance in equal monthly installments at a fixed interest rate. It can help you build credit since payments are reported to all three major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. What to know before applying for a credit card, , its important to know your credit score. These cards have annual fees as low as $0 and report monthly to the 3 major credit bureaus. Great for large purchases with predictable payments you can budget for. See if you're approved in seconds, Help build your credit through responsible use of a card like this, Get access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with online banking from your desktop or smartphone, with Capital One's mobile app, Pay by check, online or at a local branch, all with no fee - and pick the monthly due date that works best for you. Who Should Get It:Apply for the Brex Corporate Card for Startups if youre a small business owner with limited to fair credit who wants to earn rewards on everyday purchases. Youll also usually keep the same account, often with the same card number, so theres no loss of credit history length. NerdWallet's ratings are determined by our editorial team. Ad Disclosure: Certain offers that appear on this site originate from paying advertisers, and this will be noted on an offers details page using the designation "Sponsored", where applicable. The Petal 1 "No Annual Fee" Visa Credit Card doesnt offer this option. If youre more than 30 days late, it can start to affect your credit scores. ALSO CONSIDER: Best credit cards of 2023 || Best unsecured cards for short credit histories || Best starter cards for no credit || Best rewards credit cards. and cards for fair credit tend to have high interest rates. Credit utilization. offers a solid ongoing rewards rate: You earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on purchases. Ideally, youll have both installment loans (loans that require a specific number of equal payments, like a mortgage or auto loan), as well as revolving accounts (where the balance goes up and down, like with credit cards). APR for cash advances: 34.49% variable based on Prime Rate. Ratings vary by category, and the same card may receive a certain number of stars in one category and a higher or lower number in another. These cards can help you if you're just starting out with credit. , making it a good option for someone with average credit. Instantly access 50% of your credit while your card ships to you. You can choose your own due date, which lets you schedule payment for the time of the month that best suits your cash flow. Why dont more banks and credit unions offer credit cards to people with fair credit? 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